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This new currency will unite the world as one as we move into a truly digital age.I stand before you here tonight to give you this assurance, this oath: E Corp will deliver you from this chaos!The hidden quote can be uncovered as follows: The visitor counter at the bottom can be adjusted manually by clicking on it.Setting the visitor counter to An hour before the event was scheduled to start, ARG players boarded the fsociety bus to the Ecoin launch party.Tell her “I am a one, not a zero.” At EST, the official live stream on Mr.

However, the email also contained a hidden message. Robot ARG is an alternate reality game pertaining to the popular television show Mr. Throughout the course of the ARG, players interacted with characters and factions from the show, in order to solve puzzles.One of fsociety's main goals in the show is to disrupt a multinational corporation called E Corp.Different participants received different Snapcodes, which led to different videos.In addition to the Snapcodes, some players received handwritten notes, like the one below: As well, some players were tweeted directives by the official Mr. These directives were targeted at ARG players who had used the hashtag We Are FSociety.

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