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Even where the button functions match from one approach to another, they don't always have the same, or even similar, names, and they don't show up in the same order in each case.

Probably the best strategy for learning how to use the scanner is to get thoroughly familiar with one approach before moving to another.

If you need an inexpensive photo scanner that can scan photographic prints well enough for casual use—like sending digital photos to friends and family or printing additional copies at snapshot quality—consider the Canon Li DE 120 or the Epson V19.

You can also change settings for each scan option if you like.

Only the front panel, for example, includes buttons for Copy (to print a scanned document) and Send (to email a scan).

And only the IJ Scan Utility and My Image Garden have a Stitch button to let you scan originals up to twice the size of the 8.5-by-11.7-inch platen in two steps, and then automatically stitch the two scans together into one image.

However, it can handle occasional light-duty, home-office chores to scan short documents into searchable PDF or editable text formats.

In my tests, it read our Times New Roman text page at 12 points and Arial page at 8 points without a mistake.

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It's also the higher-resolution, higher-priced alternative to the Canon Cano Scan Li DE 120 Color Image Scanner, our Editors' Choice low-cost photo scanner, which delivers nearly as high-quality images at a lower price.

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