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Lebanon was the home of the Canaanites/Phoenicians and their kingdoms, a maritime culture that flourished for over a thousand years (c. In 64 BC, the region came under the rule of the Roman Empire, and eventually became one of the Empire's leading centers of Christianity.In the Mount Lebanon range a monastic tradition known as the Maronite Church was established.

The monks who followed Maron spread his teachings among Lebanese in the region.

Lebanon was a part of northern Canaan, and consequently became the homeland of Canaanite descendants – the Phoenicians, a seafaring people that spread across the Mediterranean before the rise of Cyrus the Great.

Their most famous colonies were Carthage in what is present-day Tunisia and Cádiz in present-day Spain.

The region eventually was ruled by the Ottoman Empire from 1516 to 1918.

Following the collapse of the empire after World War I, the five provinces that constitute modern Lebanon came under the French Mandate of Lebanon.

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Though Islam and the Arabic language were officially dominant under this new regime, the general populace still took time to convert from Christianity and the Syriac language.

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