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I ear guzzled all 5 launch week podcast episodes and they did not disappointment. Keep it up, and if you ever need some mandolin to go with that banjo, hollar at me. I have always searched out podcasts where he is a guest so it's great that I will be able to find him regularly on his own show.

The episode with “fan-boy” Justin episode the best so far. Of course if Neville shows up, that will be my favorite episode. Because it's awesome to learn from someone who has been there, done that, and didn't get complacent. First episodes are great and I look forward to many more. You are an excellent communicator, and I have learned a lot from you.

I will keep supporting and promoting your work as I have for the past years along with Daniel's rich20something. I subscribed to the podcast and wish you the best of luck! if i dont win those goodies, im going to unsubscribe! Spread the podcast to my entire team at Tesla Motors! It's been fun watching Tim Ferriss and Joe Rogan grow over the years of podcasting and I'm looking forward to what you learn and how your podcast grows over the coming years. I'm excited to see what you do with this podcast series; you were great on Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income podcasts! Would love to hear other fresh content from more not-so-famous people. The Rejection Therapy video of Jia Jiang in the course, was worth the money alone.

😉 just kidding I liked the content, but I think the production quality could use a little work. You ask excellent, honest questions others avoid such as asking Tim Ferriss about balding, a question everyone is wondering deep down, but are too self conscious or shy to ask. I don't think my mom would know how to listen to a podcast. It was great hearing non-standard questions being thrown at Tim Ferriss. Quality got better as Podcast 2 progressed, but the first 10 minutes was a little distracting. So, I subscribed, then listened to the episode with Jason Fried and used his advice on website design. By the way, nowhere in your steps above did you mention to actually listen to your podcasts! Since then I've been less fearful of failing b/c I really have nothing to lose I came, I saw I subscribed.

***hint hint** 🙂 I'm trying to subscribe but itunes isn't letting me. - Building list, Selling, Organizing, Healthy lifestyle I am looking forward to hearing more episodes on your podcast I jumped on this the moment I saw it was available!

While some of the guests are familiar, the interview content isn't repetitive of other shows (good job!! My only disappointment is that the podcast wasn't called "Taco Tuesdays Every Day with Noah Kagan" or at least prominently featured a taco in the album art. Hopefully, when I take my trip to Austin I will be able to meet him when I try to talk my way into an App Sumo tour. The Timmy F interview was awesome asking him hard questions that he doesn't usually get asked. We are "all" tired of hearing the success stories and want to hear "Rags" part of the stories, who they reached out to for help in their desperate hours, who they surrounded themselves with for success, and what was done to turn the Ship around.

I have been promoting your podcast too and Donald Trump's team have promised me he will tweet for you too. I've really enjoyed the show so far and I left you a good review on i Tunes! I need something awesome and interesting to listen to when I'm running!

I shared your podcast to my followers on my Facebook page for Smartware Design so hopefully you get more listeners!

Thanks for starting a show I'm so excited for this.

I'm always telling my friends and family to check out Noah's blog and interviews he's done and now we can listen to his podcast!

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