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Randy doesn't care how bad everyone else is doing, because once he turns his secrets loose... )Fisherman #12: Ron "The Bass Psychologist" Woodard (He's developed fishing tactics based on how bass "think", and he's tested them in every area of the country... In fact, he's used these methods to catch bass from Florida up to Maryland and all the way across the United States from Washington down to California.) I’m not talking about the stuff you’ll read in the latest “professional bass fishing guide”.I’m talking about the old school secrets, passed from generation to generation… Each one tested, each one proven to work by putting enough fish on the table to feed the whole family... Well, one day about 3 years ago I got a surprise phone call from an old Kentucky fisherman.)Fisherman #8: Dan "The Bass Bully" Gray (If it's got the word "bass" in it's name, Dan has caught it... He catches 'em all, and he's got deadly methods for each.)Fisherman #9: Carl "Bait Master" Cassella (His grandfather taught him secret topwater techniques and presentations that drive bass wild!largemouth, smallmouth, papermouth, spotted, white... And he still uses them to trigger explosive topwater bass strikes... Danger" Musgrove (After 53 years of largemouth bass fishing, he's created powerful strategies to catch bass in spots that are (supposedly) "all fished out".

He'll do almost anything to catch more bass than anyone else, and he'll show you exactly how he does it.)Fisherman #5: Neil "Weed Whacker" Frickey (This crazy old Canadian has discovered how to modify certain baits to catch bass like crazy... He's been at it for 61 years, and he's going to show you every trick up his sleeve...)Fisherman #7: Dave "Pot Shot" Burkhead (He caught his first bass when he was 5 years old... Dave really "thinks outside the box", and he's discovered brilliant techniques that work like gangbusters!

Over the years he's discovered some killer techniques and unique baits that bass destroy!

)Fisherman #2: Kermett "Grumpy" Adams (In over 50 years of bass fishing, he's developed deadly bass catching secrets that work in every season of the year. S." type of guy, and I was lucky to get him to open up and tell me everything...)Fisherman #3: Mark "Bass Whisperer" Roamer (He's got it down to a science after catching bass his entire life.

But after going through your course, I snuck off and caught 16 bass in just 3 hours one afternoon. You see, the guy raises smallmouth and largemouth bass so he can test different baits and techniques.

Through years of experimentation, he's discovered unique presentations and retrieval patterns bass can't resist...

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(He'll tell you about the natural condition that creates these hotbeds, along with the step-by-step method he and a buddy used to snatch up 15 smallmouth over 20” long -- A simple sight fishing strategy that forces spawning bass to move your bait... (Joel also shows you an easy trick for finding spawning bass beds quickly...)A hard to find commercial bait containing liquefied crawfish parts… (You can out catch most bass fishermen with this because bass hit it like live bait... The walleye fishing "jig pumping” secret he adapted for catching bass.

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