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Cut to the big reveal: Prince gets jealous, prince orders magician arrested, and put to the case is a chief inspector in the hammy persona of Paul Giamatti.As Giamatti points out helpfully to Eisenheim, don’t ever mess with the royal girlfriend.The theater audience matches his quietude, breathless.Eisenheim crooks an arm and shapes his hand into a claw, appearing to rake a spirit from thin air.Last week, the 2015 Oscar nominees were revealed, and the list was not without some surprises.

A dark, quirky adaptation of a novel by a little known author, the film received solid reviews on its release, but industry analysts predicted it wouldn't make much of a splash with audiences. Edward Norton and Shauna Robertson are not only proud parents of a new baby boy, but the low-key and very private twosome is also happily married.Without Norton to sell the beautiful tricks, “The Illusionist” would be a frail period costume melodrama; with him, the movie is a pleasant diversion serious enough to offer a little soul.Based on a typically intense short story by Steven Millhauser, “The Illusionist” opens with a riveting tableau: Norton as Eisenheim the performer in pre-World War I Vienna, sitting onstage as footlights burn, utterly silent.Bless Edward Norton and the intensity that burns from his eyes, through the screen and deep into the movie audience, for his relentless gaze has made mediocre movies better through sheer force of will.You will believe what follows, Norton’s stare seems to be saying, whether he’s stuttering through a schizophrenic’s confession in “Primal Fear” or settling old scores in “25th Hour.” You will believe this, or else we’re all going to have to give up this silly movie business and find some other form of entertainment. Norton’s natural eye-lock marries perfectly with the requirements of character in “The Illusionist,” where he must play a master conjurer who seemingly hypnotizes entire crowds into believing anything.

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