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I do not like them, but it is not in their interest to give us an inch on anything.Whatever bargain we strike will have to be on trade and trade only (market access, tariff or lack thereof, etc.).8 don't much like it to be honest: while I've not looked at it in detail I think MIGO and BEM are better at the fund of investment trust approach.I know we all prefer closed ended vehicles, but I would never overlook FUndsmith for a long term investment.

Good results overall when compared to benchmarks but lagging behind WTAN at six months.:)Now beating its benchmark for six months, as well as 3Y and 5Y but was always doing so.Still a bit behind for 1Y and 3months, but FRCL has had a good ride of late regularly beating its 52w high.Still, with the good results of late, it is hard to complain too much.Sterling up after the PM's speech about Brexit meaning Brexit "for sure".

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